Becky Traptow is Somatic Body Therapist and Registered Craniosacral Therapist who creates a safe space for individuals to heal all aspects of their mind and body so that they can live a more fulfilling and embodied life and find the connection they truly desire. She specializes in working with women and men who struggle with anxiety, depression, chronic tension and pain, self/identity concerns, adult and childhood trauma, religious trauma, communication barriers, parenting, separation/divorce, and relationship conflict.

Becky is well-versed in the multidimensionality of the mind and body and is skilled at weaving the two in a Self-healing process. She is passionate about the benefits of the mind-body approach to treatment as a powerful way to get to the root of presenting concerns, heal in deeper ways, discover the freedom of meaning and Self-discovery.

Becky has cultivated a vast array of tools to offer a deep and wholistic way of healing. She has many years of experience studying and practicing Rosen Method Bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Wild Mind - Nature Based Parts Therapy, Jungian Depth Psychology, Nature Guiding, Healing From the Core, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy.

Becky offers hands-on therapeutic bodywork sessions, outdoor healing and resourcing sessions, and online Self-discovery and healing sessions. Becky is available for weekday and evening appointments.

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Featured Expert